About EJMS

Welcome to the blog of Ealing Junior Music School. I hope that you will see an opportunity here that will interest you and that you will consider joining us on Saturday mornings to learn more about music.

Perhaps you would like to learn an instrument? Or perhaps you already do and would like the chance to play in ensembles with other young people? Or maybe you would like to join an excellent children’s choir?

At EJMS we offer all these opportunities and so much more. There is instruction in almost every kind of musical style ranging from classical through jazz to rock and pop music. You can learn an instrument, sing in a choir, play in a rock group, orchestra, wind band and many other kinds of ensemble. You can also learn music theory, take classes in musicianship and we offer musicianship groups for very young children. More details of our ensembles and courses are on this website.

All these activities take place in the relaxed and happy atmosphere that characterises EJMS. If you would like to come and see for yourself then please get in touch and make an appointment for a tour of EJMS on Saturday mornings at Twyford School, Acton. I look forward to welcoming you to the School.

Felix McGonigal, Music Director

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