Ensembles away…

Walking around EJMS this morning I was really struck by the huge variety of music-making that takes place. Standing in the foyer of the Performance Centre I could hear the Adult Chorale from the Chapel, the Elementary Strings from the Main Hall, the Junior Percussion from Old Drama, a singing lesson from somewhere in the RE block, 2 drum kit lessons and a guitar lesson from A corridor and some random glimpses of bassoon, trumpet and clarinet lessons wafting from somewhere above my head. Whilst all this was going on I looked through the window of A03 to see 20-or-so 8-year-olds diligently writing G major treble clef scales on their music whiteboards, apparently oblivious to all going on around them. (Thanks, Twyford School – good soundproofing on the doors!)
And it was still only 9am!

It makes it clear to me what it’s all about. Playing music isn’t just one thing that you do in your life, it’s loads of different things. The experiences of playing in an orchestra, or singing in a choir, or playing chamber music, or jamming in a rock guitar group, or improvising in a big band are all so different that it’s like having 15 hobbies instead of just one.

Roll on more ensembles, that’s what I say. Anyone up for a Bagpipe and Fife Band?

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