Exam Deadline this Saturday

It’s that time of term again and the ABRSM and Trinity exam deadlines are looming. If you’ve been given an exam entry form by your teacher please make sure it gets handed in at the front desk this weekend.

If you’re doing an exam this term, I’d be really keen for you to come and play at solo at the St Stephen’s Recital on Saturday 7th November. It’s a really good chance to showcase one of your pieces just before your exam. Please come and sign up for the concert in my blue book on the front desk.


Getting ready for the first day of term

Just getting everything ready for the first day of term. So far my hallway contains: 1 tuba, 2 trombones, 14 folders of various orchestral and wind band music, a box of abandoned instrument bits that I rescued from the cupboard to sort out over the holiday, a pile of paperwork for Polly, a bigger pile of paperwork for Janine and my wheelie box full of everything I need to run a choir and  two wind bands this term. My problem is this – none of the kids want to come in really early with me, so I’ve now got to get the whole lot into the 2-seater Mazda…

Anybody good at packing?

A New Delivery

A New Delivery

Today I took delivery of two brand-new PBones – plastic trombones that are lightweight and durable. Great for younger players. Anyone fancy a go?

Welcome to the EJMS Music Director’s Blog

Welcome to my new blog, which is the ‘From the Music Director’ information from Ealing Junior Music School. I’ll use it to share lots of information, news and to comment on all the great things that go on at EJMS.

Follow me on Twitter at @EJMS_Ealing to see the new blog entries as they are posted, or access them from the menu on our revamped website http://www.ejms.org.uk.

See you all on the 15th September.